Tuition payment

Payment is due the first class of every month. You can pay with cash, check, or Venmo. Refunds on tuition are not available. 

Sibling discount 

The first sibling will pay regular tuition, the second will receive a 20% discount, and all subsequent siblings will receive a 30% discount. 

Dress Code 

At En Pointe we encourage students’ individuality.  Therefore, students are permitted to dress in what makes them feel comfortable, as long as it does not prohibit movement. For combination and ballet classes, it is preferred for girls to wear a leotard and tights of any color, and boys to wear a t-shirt and pants that provide ample mobility. Students should always have their hair pulled back away from their face. 

Extreme Weather 

If the weather is unsafe to travel in or schools have canceled classes, then we will also cancel classes. You can get the most up-to-date information on this on our Facebook page. 

Parental Observation

Parents are permitted to wait in the hallway during class. There are windows in the doors which are available to look through. This allows the students to better focus on the class taking place, as parents being in the same room can be distracting for young learners. Once a month, we will have a parent observation day in which parents are invited into the classroom to observe class.